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The AAA's first full length album, written slowly over the course of nearly 10 years. Some lyrics are based on material even older. Was all that time worth it? My guess is no, but you tell me.


released November 24, 2015

Bill Curtis - Composition, lyrics, 6 and 7 string electric guitar, acoustic/classical guitar, fretless bass, electronic drums, synth programming, digeridoo, flute, vocals, engineering, production.



all rights reserved


The Antioch Antioxidant Accident New Hampshire

Strange, grimy melodeath-ish stuff from the barren wastes of New Hampshire. If you like In Flames, Thought Industry, Unexpect, Propagandhi, or Maudlin of the Well, you probably still won't like this.

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Track Name: O Brother, Where Art Thou?
"Where's your duplicate"
"where's your other half"
they were asking for your sorry ass again today
We shared some knowing glances
and some confirmed suspicions
"I don't know" I lied, "I haven't seen that kid in ages"
I was happy for you
I was jealous even
not of her but of the normalcy she represented
But then you grew complacent
She filled an empty space
and filling holes was good enough to blind you to her toxic traits

I struggle every day to see the things you see in her
Two polar opposites with nothing better they can do
than try to force themselves to tolerate each other's presence
til no one else can even try at tolerating yours

From the outside we could tell you that you got it wrong
Show you how you changed and why you have to let her go
We miss you - I miss you
But how would you address the slow decay of 20 years' love?
Track Name: Honey. Clover. Dead Dog.
4 poor college kids are trapped in an 8x12x1.5 inch box
one more college kid has closed his mind to the double time approach of the inevitable
10ft down I'm waiting on my last meal wheezing on my wool and plastic palanquin
I've been scratching at the door for days you had to have heard me even though you're hiding
hiding in your watercolor cartoon tragedy

You'll hear it in his voice
you'll smell it on the wind
death will tie your boots because you're trying not to look
you'll watch my legs give out you'll watch
me shudder down the hill
you'll follow on your knees crying trying not to look

You'll have to make the call
go on kick me i deserve it
you'll have to make the call
go come on kiss me i deserve it

it'll take you weeks, but eventually
you will forget about me for days at a time
I hope you realize then, that you've got other friends
you have at least four more in that computer screen

do you understand how much i love you, man?
I'm sure you hate me for choosing today to die
I'm really sorry bro, but you know I love the snow
so if I have to die, I think I'd like to do it outside.
Track Name: Turning People to Dust
You know exactly where it's been
Why would you put it in your mouth?
You let it marinate for days
Then you expect to suffer less?

You didn't just throw a rock at the hive,
you forced your tongue inside.
How could you expect anything less than the worst?

Now no one will hear your cries,
because they choose not to.
You've played these cards before.
Now, you're alone in a boat with the rest of the world.
But I think you'll make it,
no one yet died from a cold.
Track Name: Immersion Therapy
The world exists but doesn't listen.
Reality is a cruel mistress.
Apathy will get you nothing -
you must beat her into submission.
No shelter can stand forever.
You have to learn to stand alone.
When time and humans leave together,
you'll have to live with just yourself.

If you ask, you shall receive,
or so we're told until the end.
The end's less bitter, I believe,
if we decide when it begins.
If asking gets you nothing, take!
Reason never wins alone.
I forcefeed fists to the mouth of hate
to make reality my own.

1 2 3 Come on!
Track Name: The Abortion Contest
These are the sounds the vacuum made when it pulped my baby and sucked it out.
These are the noises that I made when I watched it die on the ultrasound.

"Well I had one spill out on the dirty floor of a bathroom at summer camp."
"Well I can't have one anymore cause I purged too much while in rehab."
"Well one of my patients died on the table, I'm fighting depression and about to lose."
"Well I hear voices, twitch and grind my toes to dust inside my shoes."

GIVE IT UP GIVE IT UP if you want an A!
Your death in the family can't beat my grade.
GIVE IT UP UP UP if you want to pass!
You're a middle class kid with a middle class past
GIVE IT UP GIVE IT UP if you want an A!
Your death in the family can't beat my grade.
GIVE IT UP UP UP if you want to pass!
You're just some kid in a writing class.
Track Name: Pavlov's Hierarchy of Needs
Watch me drool.
Drool over girls
Racks on racks of magazines covered in girls.
Girls with their racks barely covered.
The girl at the register tells me i'm disgusting

Watch me watch TV.
Feed me people who are people that I want to be.
Mold me in the the image of my outdated instincts.
Tell me its okay to be me.

She was about as real as Bigfoot,
about as glossed as the Korean war in a 5th grade history book.
But I drool all the same when the radio plays,
and when the internet tells me to wipe my face I nod politely,
like, share, re-tweet, and keep drooling. I agree with both sides.
I retreat but I keep talking

I just wanna be loved.
I just wanna be sheltered.
Does any of this ring a bell?
Track Name: Modelling of a Heat Pump Charged with a Non-Azeotropic Refrigerant Mixture (Rites of Summer)
Enter the cube.
Crawl between the slats.
Crawl wrong.
You are being hounded by a horrifying voice.
You are being beckoned by a green and gold glow.
This is how they keep you here.
You would willingly wade through the guts of your fellows for a mile
just to wallow in paper and metal for an hour.
You'll trade a knife to the back for little bit of peace.
You'll find a new knife in your guts every morning.

Why do you keep coming back?

Keep your neck inside but stick those hands out,
waiting for a handout, or for someone to grab them
and save you.
Well nobody's coming so play the game or save yourself.
That horrifying voice is beginning to develop a certain
pleasant rhythmic quality.
Or maybe it's all in your head, man,
maybe it's all in your hands.
Maybe it's all in your hands.

The ritual lasts for well over a hundred days.
A fourfold torture accompanied by four other slaves.
It's easy enough to escape, you just have to leave,
but a life without chains is a bit too hard to believe.
It's a setup man, there's no winning this thing.
We're boxed in, with "failure" in sequins at the top of the frame.
We can take a risk and leave barely surviving behind.
I promise it's fun but you're much more likely to die.
Track Name: King Crab
I started writing this song in a graveyard
because I figured I should get used to being in one.
I don't really think I want to be cremated
because I want to leave a mark on the world.
Isn't that pathetic? (hahaha pitiful pitiful pitiful pitiful pitiful)
He wants to pay someone to carve his name
into a rock when he bites it.
"He wants to leave his mark on the world"
means he want to leave a dent in the ground
so you know he's being eaten.

I'll rip every scar and scab from my body.
I'll pluck out the tumors I'll poison my self.
I'll cling to machines that cling to life for me.
I'm so scared of dying it's ruining my health.
(The king's arrival has not been heralded, despite
his inevitability, and should the trumpets blow
tomorrow, he may yet retain you in torturous service
for aeons.)

Live a little, kid, you're still not dead.
Chances are this is all in your head.
No, it's real, it's real, what else could it be?
The worst stuff always happens to me

Come on, everybody! KING CRAB!
A little bit louder! KING CRAB!
One more time y'all! KING CRAB!
Track Name: The Kraken
As the men on the deck scrubbed and toiled,
The water around us frothed and boiled.
A terrible tentacle rose from the ocean.
It swayed back and forth with a slithering motion.
The only light cast was that of its eyes.
The only sound heard was the cries of a bird,
and the flutter of sails
On the mast….

A head then followed, it rose from the sea.
Its fiery eye was fixed upon me.
And as it stared at me I thought,
“So this is what I’ve always sought.”
I knew what I had to do -
I drew my pistol and fired a shot.
One, reload, cock it, two,
into its amber eyes.

And it sank away with withering cries, leaving a trail of blood and goo
Never to be seen by me or you, or so I thought. But was it true?

The Kraken breached again on the side,
grabbed the stern and opened wide.
The bow was lifted towards the sky.
Chairs slid down, so did I.
Out a door, across a room,
away down the deck towards my imminent doom.

But not all was lost: the young first mate,
watching the big thing salivate,
had grabbed a railing and said to me,
“The rigging! The sails! Shoot them free!”

A one in a million shot! And how
did he expect me to get a shot like that now,
When I only had one bullet remaining?
But down its esophagus the Kraken was draining
the last crew members that were straining to keep a hold on their lives.
It was worth a try.

I aimed again, closed one eye.
Pulled the trigger, let the bullet fly.
Slashing the ropes as it flew towards the sky.

The only signs of our battle at sea
were bloody, floating chunks that could only be
pieces of its lifeless eyes.
Track Name: Die On Mars
I know the way to Hell.

Glacial nights and days that burn
seem far more appetizing than Earth.
I just wanna be left alone.

We all take the way to Hell.

Glacial nights and days that burn
seem far more appetizing than Earth.
I just wanna be left alone.

I want to see the sun rise on Jupiter.
I want to die on Mars.
I can't hate anyone. I don't want to be loved.
I just want to be left alone.

I want to leave and not be followed.
I want to be hated because I can't love anyone.
I want to be left alone.

I just wanna be left alone.
I wanna die on Mars.
Track Name: Thoracic Breach
Trapped upstairs waiting to heal.
Trapped upstairs waiting to feel.
Numb calves in a stumbling haze.
Crippling pain that lasts for days.
Pressure leashed by palisades
of muscle wall which, slashed by blades
of chronic cough and social silence,
GI tract punched through the violence.

Thoracic breach.
Friends hurting friends. Wits at their ends.
A season half lost. Sewn up and tossed away.

Weakness genetic in origin. Rotted by illness and business demands.

Shaved like Samson, swabbed and gassed.
Incarceration ends at last.
Shocked awake by searing pain.
Stabbing needles in my brain.

Thoracic breach.
Friends hurting friends. Wits at their ends.
A season half lost. Sewn up and tossed away.

1 2 3 4 Go!